Kyungshin has operated several education programs and system to level-up of outstanding talents.

New Employee Education System

With training courses, mentoring, and OJT on organization culture and business areas of Kyungshin, new employees could be adopted to Kyungshin at an early stage.

Kyungshin’s Capacity Model and Educational System

Assessment based on capacity modeling and development of human resources through establishment and operation of the education system.

Vision and Core Values

  • Education of Core Values
    After 1 year of working, there is the collective training on 4 core
    value of Kyungshin- customer-orientation, challenge, practice
    and confidence
  • Establishment of Vision and goals
    establish the foundation for mutual development of a group and individual employees

Common Capabilities required for each position

  • Promotion Education
    Education to nurture capabilities required for new positions
  • Education on common capabilities required for
    each position

    On the second year of the promotion, there would be the collective training on common capabilities required for each position

In-Company/Out-Company Training

  • Nurturing of specialists through the assignment training system
  • Collective education and seminar by in-company specialists
  • Provision of education courses in related with online/offline special education associations


Position Education

  • Team chief education
    upon inauguration of a new team chief, an education course on HR management, accomplishment management and organization management would be offered.
  • Official education
    Upon inauguration of new officials, MBA courses including strategic management, HR organization, finance and account, and marketing are offered.

Cyber and foreign language education

  • Provision of education courses on general assignment and liberal arts
  • Provision of education courses on foreign languages including English, Chinese and Japanese

Special Lecture

  • Special Lecture by a specialist on contents suitable for needs of officials and trend
  • It shall be composed of several contents including liberal arts, health and investment

Kyungshin has operated several systems to provide experiences on various duties including the sojourning system and the career development system.

Sojourning System

  • By dispatching employees to affiliated companies in overseas, the
    company aims to support the development of employees.


Career Development

  • The company has provided a change for career development by filling out a ‘self report’ once a year in order to review his/her assignment and to request to move to other department.